Western Audio boasts a huge live room that measures almost 720 square feet, with a maximum ceiling height of 24 feet. The polished concrete floor and highly diffuse wooden surfaces combine to create a clear, lively acoustic that enhances any recording, from rock drums to a full orchestra.

Recalling the 'big room' studios of the 1950s and 60s, our live room is the perfect fit for tracking live full band performances, string sessions and modern overdub productions. Flexible headphone monitoring ensures no-one is 'in the dark' whilst tracking, and a range of moveable acoustic panels allow for a tailored ambience.

The room is also fully equipped for rehearsals, and provides a spacious and sonically pleasing environment in which you can hone your performances or write your next masterpiece.


The control room is centered around a 24-input TL Audio M4 tube console. All input channels are digitally interfaced with the Mac recorder, and feature stunning preamps and 4-band parametric EQs. A 48-point balanced patchbay ensures easy integration with outboard processors. 

Monitoring can be switched between ADAM Audio A77x 3-way near/midfields or PMC TB2SA nearfields . This setup gives full-spectrum referencing whether you are tracking or mixing down.

Mixing duties can either be undertaken entirely digitally or treated to a hybrid signal path with up to 24 channels of analogue summing, EQ and incorporation with outboard gear.

The room is acoustically treated with a combination of Skyline Audio absorptive panels and custom-made diffusion for a flat, even frequency response and excellent time-domain characteristics.

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